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Manage a hospital or a clinic?

Automates and improves the procedures for the management of diets and meals of patients using the latest mobile technologies available on the market!

Collect orders on tablet

By using a dedicated app, with a simple and intuitive interface, the operator can collect patient data and ordering meals for several days.
You can select the department, special or generic diet and all the dishes desired by the patient as well as his companion

No more cables, only wireless data

With one easy touch you can instantly send all reservations to the central server for processing, wirelessly, without the need to connect cables and install software and dedicated drivers

Read all data from any device

All data can be accessed by staff possessing the credentials to read / modify / delete several options as: List diets, dishes, departments, etc.

Report in a click

Several summary reports in PDF format are available for a more accurate daily and monthly management.
You can directly print orders in a format suitable to attach to the trays.

The data you care, anywhere

The cloud system allows you to always have all the data available, without any downtime or loss.
Operating costs are significantly cut down because you do not need dedicated and expensive hardware, but a simple Android tablet.

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